Prevent Ingrown Hairs by Exfoliating and Moisturizing

Before and after waxing, regularly and gently exfoliate skin, with either a body scrub or a washcloth or bath pouf. Be sure to moisturize skin with a light lotion after, to hydrate skin and leave you extra smooth.

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Use Baby Powder Pre-Wax

For hairless (and baby smooth) skin, you'll want this at-home waxing insurance policy. After cleansing your skin, sprinkle a bit of baby powder to the area about to be waxed. It'll absorb any excess moisture so the wax and cloth strip can adhere properly.

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Test the Temperature

To avoid a hot mess (literally), always test your wax by applying a bit to the inside of your wrist to make sure it's at a comfortable spreading temperature. Too cold and it wont spread, too hot and you'll burn yourself, ouch!

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Things You Need to Know Before You Wax

Getting smooth skin for summer is great. Getting a nasty from a sketchy salon? Not so much. We spoke with Ladan Shahabi, for the do’s and don’ts every woman should know before waxing.

DO consider an at-home wax kit

If you wax at home, there’s a much smaller chance of than at a salon. Why? You can control the cleanliness of your hands and the space where you’re waxing. Of course, you have to be comfortable using the products to get the best results. If you’re up for it, though, Shahabi says to wash your hands before starting—a crucial step since since waxing can cause small tears in the skin, putting you at risk for. It’s also a good idea to use alcohol to sanitize the tools that come with the kit before you start. Afterward, throw away anything from the kit that’s meant to be disposable; this will help prevent bacterial growth.

DON’T forget to research the salon

When deciding which places are legit, ask a friend to recommend a salon she trusts—or swing by the place to make sure it’s clean. You can also use reviews from sites like Yelp to figure out if others had a good experience there. And of course, if you’re at a salon, you can always request that the esthetician change the sheet (or whatever you’re sitting on) and wash his or her hands before you get started. Better to speak up than risk an.

DO avoid exfoliating or drying products before you wax

Although people have varying levels of skin sensitivity, products containing retinol or exfoliating ingredients can make skin even more sensitive than normal—and even prone to burning, says Shahabi. So about a week before you wax, stop using prescription retinoids, as well as OTC retinol products, any alpha hydroxy acids, and exfoliating products like scrubs.

DO pain-proof your wax

If you’re waxing a small area, such as the bikini area, eyebrows, or armpits, consider using an over the counter anesthetic to help numb the area a bit, says Shahabi. You can also ice the spot shortly beforehand and take a pain reliever like. Post-wax, try using an aloe-based cream (which doesn’t contain), and ice the area again to reduce the burning sensation.

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